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DS500 - Product Information

The DS500 Density Measuring System offers a fast, reliable, ASTM-approved method for measuring density in Polyethylene with an accuracy of 0.0005 g/cc or better in the range from 0.9100 g/cc to 0.9700 g/cc.

Specifications of the DS500


Main Advantages of the DS500

The DS500 system offers several major advantages over the determination of density using the gradient column technique:

 Extremely faster and much simpler: the DS500 system is very easy to use and measurements are completed within 15 seconds;

 No maintenance is required except periodic replacement of the water in the temperature controlled bath;

 The acoustic method is non-destructive so the test specimens can be kept on file for further reference;

 All measurement data is displayed on the video monitor and can then be stored on the computer disks.


Additional Advantages of the DS500

 The DS500 personal computer (PC) can be accessed remotely for monitoring or maintenance purposes using the Ethernet network link;

 The DS500 PC can also be used for other tasks in the lab including word processing and spreadsheet softwares;

 The DS500 PC uses standard IBM PC compatible components that can be easily upgraded by IT personnel.

Range of operation:

Density from 0.9100 g/cc to 0.9700 g/cc


0.0001 g/cc


+/- 0.0005 g/cc


+/- 0.0005 g/cc

Personal Computer:

Windows-based Industrial Computer

Intel Core i3 Processor

4 Gigabytes RAM

Acquisition Hardware


500 GB Hard Disk Drive



10/100 Mbps Ethernet Network Adaptor

2 Serial Ports

4 USB Ports

Keyboard and Mouse:


Video Interface:

Connections for DVI-D, DVI-I, and HDMI

Video Monitor Required but not Provided


DS500 Software for Windows Version 2.1

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition OS

Operating temperature:

1.5 0C to 35 0C (35 0F to 95 0F)

Sample dimension:

Length: 90 mm (3.54 in.) minimum

Width: 35 mm to 38 mm (1.38 in. to 1.49 in.)

Thickness: 1.2 mm to 3.0 mm (0.05 in. to 0.12 in.)

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.